Workout Schedule/Routines

What are you guys routines in the gym

Discussion started by friscodasnake , on 2741 days ago
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Friday (Back & Shoulders)

3x10 pullups
3x10 60lbs seated dumbbell press
3x10 lat pull downs

50 decline situps with broom stick behind head

3x10 315lbs shoulder shrugs
3x10 50lb kettle ball upright row
3x10 seated row

3x15 hanging side knee raises

3x10 95lb dumbbell lawn mowers or dumbbell row whatever you want to call it
3x8 315lb straight leg dead lifts

20 minutes on the bike
2735 days ago
Looks like a nice routine. I don't know what half those exercises are! I do basic curls. 3 sets of 10 and I go up or down 10 lbs each set. Same for tricep extensions, bench press, decline bench, incline bench, flys, lat pull downs, seated rows, military press. That's my arms, back, and shoulders.
2735 days ago
Coming back from a car accident where I did nothing for 2 months. Belly puffed out on me so I'm abs and cardio right now.
2737 days ago
Wed (Arms & Abs)

(Bicep superset)(means no rest) 3x10

Standing overhand grip curls (ez curl bar) 70lbs
Standing curls (olympic tricep bar) 70lbs
Standing regular grip curls (ez curl bar) 70lbs

(Tricep superset) 3x10

Tri pull down reverse grip 70lbs
Tri pull down with ropes 70lbs
Tri pull down regular grip 70lbs

3x15 hanging knee raises

3x15 weighted dips 45lbs
3x10 sitting curls 40lbs dumbells
3x10 decline tri extentions with ez curl bar 80lbs

3x35 decline situps
3x25 hip raises
50 roman twists

standing zottman curls 3x10 35lbs
lying down one arm tri extensions 45lbs

10 minute mile & half
Sauna 15 minutes
2740 days ago
45 mins of cardio, mostly running but a stationary bike at least once a week. 15 mins of stair master everyday.
2740 days ago
Zumba baby!!! I zumba 4 or 5 times a week and then do my daily exercises at home every night. (arms, abs, core etc etc). I try to get a run in every now & then. When I do go to the gym I like the elliptical, treadmill, stair stepper (stuff like that for cardio).... But Zumba is my real love!
2741 days ago
Mondays (Chest & abs)

4x10 225 flat bench press
4x10 75 incline dumbbell press
3x10 100 flat bench dumbbell press

3x15 hanging knee raises

4x10 245 decline bench press
4x10 50 flat bench dumbbell flys
4x10 205 incline bench press

3x35 decline situps
3x25 hip raises
50 roman twists

7 minute mile
15 minutes in the sauna
2741 days ago