Adele 21

Is this joint that hot that it breaks all the records for #1 on the charts? I'm looking at it on Amazon, but is it worth it?

Discussion started by dyzzle , on 2747 days ago
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LOL! I feel ya. If I do get it, it will have to be the CD. Can't find a preview copy anywhere!
2743 days ago
Tim Swint
she could be my first cousin, but i still find it hard to purchase digital goods....
2745 days ago
That's what I'm thinking. I want to test drive it first. If it's truly da sh*t, I'll send her my $10. But I don't wanna pay for something that's been hyped up and then I get it and it sucks.
2746 days ago
good album
2746 days ago
I love that album!!
2746 days ago
i like her!!
and she is hot to me...but still going to get the bootleg!!!
2746 days ago