Buying DVD/ blu rays vs just buying them online and streaming them

What do you think about not buying DVD and just streaming?

Discussion started by jacksoto , on 2746 days ago
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so I am really back to having the disc... my cable is on the fritz(comcast) and trying to do anything on the net is a no go... now I am happy that I have them to stick in the player
2656 days ago
i don't mind streaming at all, it is either that or buy the bootleg!
2725 days ago
I'm with you guys on this one. I have to get a physical copy. Even when I download stuff, I have to burn it to a DVD.
2743 days ago
I gotta have a hard copy. I believe in products, not services. If I pay for something, I want it in my hands (products) versus probably paying monthly for streaming (service).
2746 days ago
i buy all my dvd's & instantly burn them to an external HD
2746 days ago
I saw in a blog that more and more people are just buying the digital versions and keeping them in the cloud. That way if you have Internet you have access to them. I like having the hard copy myself, but starting to see the advantages of buying digital.
2746 days ago