Xbox 720, PS4 or Wii U...

Which will be your next Generation system?

the Xbox 720(not sure if that is the new name)


Wii U

who's getting what?


Discussion started by Britishchef , on 2738 days ago
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PS4 for me
2732 days ago
You might as well make the jump... You know you want to
2732 days ago
I'm considering the Xbox now! Currently, I have a PS3.
2732 days ago
i'm a sony fanatic so i'll probably for sure get the PS4 & will get the Wii U for the offspring
2736 days ago
I'm not buying anything else until they punish these punks who quit online games. That sh*t is irritating!
2736 days ago
i think the xbox is going to have a release date for next year
i believe only the Wii U is dropping near xmas time or is it thanxgiving???
2737 days ago
I'm straight up getting the 720. No question. There is really not going to be a difference between the ps and the Xbox this year. They both are rumored to have the same chips inside. Don't know what gonna set them apart.
2738 days ago